Nobody knows what causes Alzheimers.

In people who have particularly high ptau levels within their spinal fluid, her team uncovered a variation in a gene involved in producing the abnormal tau. They had to check if that mattered. Tracking records of many hundred Alzheimer’s individuals, they discovered up to sevenfold difference in how quickly people declined if they had the abnormal genetic marker. What you predict out of this data is people who have lowest degrees of tau progress the slowest, stated Goate, who reported the ongoing work the other day in the journal PLoS Genetics.Our goal is to put C3BS as the globe leader in neuro-scientific regenerative medicine for the treatment of heart failure. .

ArQule and Daiichi Sankyo expand collaboration to create drug candidates for cancers ArQule, Inc. and Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. today announced the expansion of their research, advancement and license contract for the discovery of novel kinase inhibitors in neuro-scientific oncology. Hideyuki Haruyama, the Global Head of Analysis, Daiichi Sankyo. We anticipate that the growth of this collaboration will produce other drug candidates and lay the building blocks for future growth in this field. Daiichi Sankyo could have an option to license compounds directed to the targets described under the agreement following completion of specific pre-clinical studies.