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Authorization of Provenge marks starting of new era in malignancy treatment: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Today’s announcement that the U.S. The analysis – the results which were presented most recently at the 2010 Genitourinary American Culture of Clinical Oncology’s annual achieving – may be the first large, controlled scientific trial to show an immune system-centered therapy can extend the entire lives of cancer patients, based on the trial’s leader, Philip Kantoff, MD, of Dana-Farber . ‘For a lot more than 20 years, scientists have been focusing on harnessing the immune system in a manner that has beneficial effects for cancer patients, notably the prolongation of survival,’ Kantoff said.

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Around six million people in India’s Delhi territory at risk of contracting tuberculosis About six million people in the Indian territory of Delhi, or 40 percent of the territory’s population of 15 million, are at threat of contracting tuberculosis, L.S. Chauhan, deputy director general of India’s Ministry of Health insurance and Family Welfare, said recently ahead of the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease’s Meeting of the South East Asia Area, which begins Monday in New Delhi, IANS/Economic Times reviews.