Associate Professor Zbynek Bozdech and his group of experts.

Breakthrough research may lead to fresh potential treatments for malaria Groundbreaking research done in Singapore’s Nanyang Technical University’s Classes of Biological Sciences may lead to the advancement of more potent medicines or a vaccine meant for malaria, which is transmitted to individuals by infected mosquitoes and kills up to three million people each whole year . Associate Professor Zbynek Bozdech and his group of experts, including graduate college students and post-doctorals from SBS’ Division of Genomics & Genetics, have have scored a global first in effectively using transcriptional profiling to discover hitherto unfamiliar gene expression patterns in malaria.

Breakthrough method produces Parkinson’s disease patient-particular stem cells free from harmful reprogramming genes Whitehead Institute researchers are suffering from a novel technique to eliminate potential cancer-causing genes through the reprogramming of pores and skin cells from Parkinson’s disease individuals into an embryonic-stem-cell-like condition. Scientists then utilized the resulting induced pluripotent stem cells to derive dopamine-generating neurons, the cell type that degenerates in Parkinson’s disease sufferers. This marks the very first time experts have generated individual iPS cells which have preserved their embryonic stem-cell-like properties following the removal of reprogramming genes.