A new procedure designed to decrease the ability of airway even muscle to narrow from inflammation.

In this 30-minute procedure, doctors applied radio frequency thermal energy directly to the airway through a bronchoscope. This radio frequency energy heated the airway cells to about 65 degrees Celsius , a temperature high more than enough to reduce airway smooth muscle mass, but low enough to avoid cells destruction and scarring. Three separate classes were needed to treat all available airways of both lung area. ‘The procedure was well tolerated,’ stated Dr. Cox. ‘Side effects had been transient and normal of what is typically observed after bronchoscopy. All subjects demonstrated improvement in airway responsiveness also.’ Data collected over 12 weeks from patient-kept diaries indicated that the subjects showed significant improvement in quantity of symptom-free days, and in evening and morning airway peak flow seeing that determined by a meter.Adopt Self-care Methods: Make it a routine to clean your feet prior to going to bed in summertime. It could soothe and cool off the heat. Have a 10-15 minute walk morning hours. The gentle and relaxed rays of sunlight will stimulate ‘Sadhaka Pitta’; a disposition lifter like serotonin and melatonin, according to Ayurveda. Practice Meditation: Summer time or Pitta time of year can boost frustration and anger, therefore consider tools to get rid of anger.